of the






Remember the host of the ghostly battalion
Imagine them drown’d in a growling sea
Beach-huts for driftwood, corpses for carrion
O sing a sad song for the TSU-NA-MI

Sing to the outlying islands of Andaman
As waves strip the tribesmen’s neolithic dress
Ripping them out to the mad, frothing ocean
Leaves nothing behind but a waste wilderness

Far worse than the monster that shock’d mighty Lisbon
From the Guadalquivir to the Antibes
Struck by the scope, the proportion of Ocean
Witnessing forever these biblical seas

Remember the mood in the days after Christmas
When so many strangers shall shun the new year
A new, doleful sound when the river grows restless
As so many tears crystallize a new fear


Remember the grief in the streets of Sumatra
Second Krakatoa rolls in as a gale
The wave left a swathe for the here & hereafter
Of death & destruction on Golgothan scale

Remember them fleeing those huge walls of water
That snapped them & tossed them & made bloody piles
The aftermath pale, she search’d for her daughter
A sad scene repeated some three thousand miles

These scenes a portent of deadly Katrina
Soon Louisiana would suffer the same
When lives devastated by merciless water
Become bloated bodies of barbaric shame

Remember them flock from the lush Phuket beaches
As in rush’d a storm to destroy the fair bays
Lost in wreck’d Kamala street urchin beseeches
The first waves survivors the Oceans still raise


Remember the sounds on the shores of Sri Lanka
The crunching & breaking & snapping & screams
As ships of pig-iron are ripped from the anchor
& pack’d teeming trains flung from bent, steely beams

Remember the shock when the seas were retreating
What nuclear winter on all sides was seen
Upon the horizon the dark sky now meeting
A vast wall of water of Aegean green

When in the black minute that Heaven was swelling
Nature’s awesome horror in raw, rampant state
For two-hundred-thousand the death bell is knelling
What Sayer or Vates could foresee their fate

Remember the trail of those waves of destruction
From Asia to Africa surged the wild sea
Remember, remember the Lord of the Ocean
O sing a sad song for the TSU-NA-MI

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