Love At First Sight




this poet experienced





Sally Cinnamon

Being virgin to Eros & his sighs
Spectral seconds attend the growing soul
Hearing a lute-string’d aether-breathing call
I turn’d to see her star-wreath’d, lustful eyes.

My eagle-lashed, Latvian poetess,
My pearl-eyed raven in her Persian dress,
My Spanish pea-hen spangling as she comes,
My nude Numidian banging the drums.

Like mountain men & archipelagos
Or young sweethearts sniffing a first red rose
Like money men glimpsing a glint of gold
Or distant kin returning to the fold

We are the music of the finches green
We are twa pussies purring by a fire
We are the fragrance of a vernal scene
We are twa frogs full throated with desire

I watch’d her as she walk’d across the moon,
An airless void of loveless futures spent,
Each little step she’s taken plays a tune,
Beholding her a parfit innocent

I rocketed into her grey-toned sphere,
& scatter’d lunar dusts, as these unveil,
A world of fertile colours, closing near
Her heart’s cocoon, it crumples, thin & frail.

Crackling with all the majesty of love
She flutters into air with velvet wings,
An angel floating, hovering above
An orchestra supports her as she sings;

“We are two blossoms of this bonnie land,
We are two rabbits sprinting ‘cross the glen,
We are the seaweed strewn across the sand,
We are two badgers snuggled in their den!”

Long time, for this fair moment, did we wait,
Which two sure hearts attaches into one,
& felt us fair as fairly dealt us fate
As match we – with a gasp – empyrean!

There was an instant karma to our touch,
As if we had belong’d since time began,
For how can two new strangers feel so much,
Thro’ times like these life serves the higher plan.

Like songbirds witnessing the world’s first dawn,
Or proud parents cooing their babe’s first yawn,
Like virgins witness to the breast exposed,
Or an exploring of the always closed,

We are morning in the Tuscan enclaves,
We are night on the Sea of Galilee,
We are swans a-gone gliding between white waves,
For we are one in nature, you & me.

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