LOF 4: The Lost Kitten

Being an account of the birth of a kitten in Calcata & her accidental journey to the city of Rome, whereupon she is discovered by a local street cat who decides to help her return home. After plucking flowers from a local park in order to communicate they visit the city’s chief cat, the emperor, at his seat on the collosseum, who gives them a meeting with a wise old feline at Forte Prenistina. The old ginger worked out the locality of the kitten by her odour, that is the land of hazelnuts, upon which the street cat carries the kitten through many an adventure to the town of Falaria, where they part. The kitten then makes her own way to a joyous re-union with her parents in Calcata.

Once more, my friends, follow our rhyme
To the green hills north of Rome,
For Calcata, set so sublime
Midst nature & her ancyent chime,
Where people live life’s playful time,
& the Street Cats share their home.

There was a Cat with snow white fur,
Her ears all pink & fluffy,
Wooing the tom which fell for her,
Whose lion mane & Roman burr
Arose passions & thoughts that stir –
They had a little baby.

She grew into a lovely one,
Calm as a river cruising,
They showed her off to everyone,
Around her neck wrapped pink ribbon,
& on ev’ry bonnie action,
They call’d her so amusing.

To Calcata there came a clown.
The sun was up & shining.
Our little Kitten yawn’d a frown
& found a spot to snuggle down…
The truck set off & all the town
Could hear her mother whining.

She woke up to the roar of cars,
A jolt & she went flying.
Into a land of neon bars.
Where city streetlights shine like stars –
A scruffy Tomcat with rough scars
Attends her timid crying.

He finds her lying in the dark,
Soft purring as she cowers;
The Tom becomes her patriarch
& leads her to a handsome park,
Where all beasts speak, from bleat to bark,
The Language of the Flowers.

The Kitten mewed so helplessly,
Pawing an Ipomaca,
With Windflower Anemone,
She bites a sprig of Bryony,
The Tom banished her misery
With leaf-knoted Fresia.

As oasis they found so calm,
The day was slowly dawning,
In pretty ruins free from harm
Grew Cobea & Gentle Balm,
They found good shade beneath a palm
& dozed right through the morning.

Hind legs rose with the mid-day heat
& plunged into the city.
From street to roof, from roof to street.
That grey, fat, one-eyed cat to meet,
Sat in his Coliseum seat –
Who thought & then pawed a Pea.

Emperor hissed & they were gone
To Forte Prenistina,
By Milkwort & Meadow Saffron,
Wise Ginger sniffed the silk ribbon,
Gave them a Hazelnut & one
Bay Rose to warn for danger.

The Tom leapt on a clanking train
Clutching the Kitten tightly,
To thunder through the fair champaign,
Until the tall, town-topped mountain,
There hit the road, where once again
The starlight shone so brightly.

They dally thro’ a fragrant night,
Perfumed with Convolvulus,
A restaurant slides into sight,
Aroma whets the appetite,
They search the bins, a meaty bite
Tasting of Saffron Crocus.

Morning covers Falaria,
The weather light & lazy –
By Hazelnut & gatherer,
He purr’d goodbye & gave to her
The Garlic plant in full flower
& Michaelmas the Daisy.

Sad Cat mourns by the old river
Beneath a weeping Willow;
Her lover leaps from Calcata,
Clutching their beautiful daughter,
Happiness beams from a mother,
Whose heart her Kitten’s pillow!

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