LOF 1: The Cats of Calcata

Being an account of two cats of Calcata who communicate upon a romantic level by using the secret Language of the Flowers. Upon falling in love as kittens, then getting married, their tranquility is disturbed by the arrival of a young, handsome tom from the nearby town of Falaria. The Wife becomes completely enamored of him, begins an affair & seeks a divorce. Her husband challengers the tom to a duel, but is left second bested & bleeding. His wife sees this & realizes her true love for her husband – but it is too late, for in a fit of jealousy the husband murders her. He instantly shows the greatest remorse, burying his wife at the spot where she died…

Lazing through days of Italy,
O life of lovely hours!
The soft wine & festivity,
The sunshine & tranquility,
Where Street Cats speak, eloquently,
The Language of the Flowers.

There is a place where you must go
To hear the street-cat patter,
Where sweet Rondini swoop & show,
The river glistens far below
A maze of streets, then you will know
The magic of Calcata.

Upon a soft & starry night
Two kittens kiss’d all hazy
& pluck’d two Lilacs flushing bright,
Purple for her, for him pure White,
Love blossoming from first sweet sight
Fresh as a Mountain Daisy.

Young lovers grew, through every scene
The cute Red Catchfly carried –
Where Spring Crocuses grow serene
& Orange Blossoms speckle green,
Amidst the gentle Celandine
They were forever married!

Their home a mountain theatre
Sunshine rising to mild purrs –
Each day they found Veronica,
Blue Violets & Ambrosia
For to bind them all together
On a bed of felted Furze.

Then from Falaria there came
The cat with eyes a-dapple,
& in her heart the strangest flame
Burning so brightly, to her shame,
With Amethyst he won her name
& left for her an Apple.

They dallied by the old river
Where grow the Four-Leaf Clovers,
He plucked the wylde Justicia
& with Peach Blossom gave to her,
Beside brightest Honey Flower
Became they tender lovers.

The husband woke that cloudy night,
Went out all wrack’d with worry,
Grew frantic thro’ the gloomy light
Til shone the moon full beaming bright,
No man should suffer such a sight
Underneath the Judas Tree.

Biting a fig between his teeth,
Clutching a Red Carnation,
He gave to her the Cedar Leaf,
But she, to his own disbelief,
Wrapt Butterfly Weeds in a wreath
& bid for separation.

The husband’s wounded heart wants war,
Throws down the cruel Wylde Tansy –
The piazza, as was the law,
Saw scratch & screech & bite & claw,
As lost he left, limping by paw,
From heaven fell a Pansy.

To see her first love lose the fray,
By an arrow her heart shot!
She found a fresh straw from the hay,
A dozen Red Tulips at play,
Wove them into a lush bouquet
With a fresh Forget-Me-Not.

Pressing Basil into a wound,
Chewing fresh Begonia,
He stood up with a hissing sound,
Sore paws the pretty rooftops pound,
Upon a wall his sweetheart found
& push’d her to the murder!

Distraught he dash’d to where she fell
& wept for the tragedy,
Kiss’d & buried her spirit’s shell,
Cloaked her with Cudweed, as tears swell
He placed a little Asphodel
‘Neath the sea-green Locust Tree.

So if you ever take the care
To visit fair Calcata
Go to the walls the street cats share
& pause a while to look down there
Where you should see, come really stare,
The grave Red Roses flatter.

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