Haiku From Heather Lodge


When will winter end?
A wind too wild to walk in
Or swing nine irons

Golden gorse aglow
Oxen roam Rucklaw West Mains
Sheep claim Clint’s green lawns

Yews yearn for romance
Females hanging single seeds –
Males, sun-bronzed catkins

Nettles start their show
& midst these virgin stingers
Single bumblebees

Molehill mountain range
Subterranean violence
Soil-swept volcanoes

Welcome wee calves!
Doglike in thine agile skips
Jigging pig-snouted

Dew-sparkling Markle
Twixt Traprain & Berwick Law
Drear clouds, clear skies clash

Green tinted treetops
Clint’s floral bells – pinks, reds, whites
Rhododendrums rare

Glorious sun-stream
Gorse gleaming ne’er so golden
Hedgerows gain the gleam

Sunbeams pierce the pane
Seed trays fill the window sills
Little lettuces

Last week all was bare
This week woods are green again
Summer’s luscious spread

Adolescent lambs
Mothers shedding winter fleece
Strange, like melting snow



Rabbits everywhere
Panicking before my feet
Catacoombing hills

Uugh! Crossfield foot squelch
Cowpat soft in sweating sun
Perpetrators laze

Frantic buzzing spree
Wasp wound up in spider’s web
Rescued with a wink

Warm & windless walk
Dunbar’s windfarming becalm’d
Like spitfires sleeping

Gleeful Smeaton lake
Duckling diaspora down
Peerless cedar’s high

Countryside scamper
Face-high fern at Woodhall Burn
Scrambling up steep slopes

The serene greenhouse
Full fruits of summer sunblaze
Fourteen tomatoes

Garden thick with flies
Insectoid diaspora
Rainbow sheens & sounds

Something flicks my hair
Daddylonglegs on the roof

Apples on the tree
Reddening & ripening
Young-fall floods the floor

Wet Whittinghame woods
Mushrooms rising from dank soil
Weedery decays

Bank holiday bliss
Barbecues & tennis shoes
Geetahs neath the stars



Nether Hailes’ tractor
Fresh-hewn fields of harvest hay
Into huge balls roll’d

Wee spiky sputniks
Playgrounds of champions
Conker carcasses

Wee fruits tint the trees
Elderberry baubelrie
Perfect pies & wines

Fluffy forest floor
Midst lush fernage & branchfall
Mushroom wonderland!

Ghosts surround the house
Hurricane sweeps Heather Lodge
Leaf-fall snow flurry

Leaves fill up the lawns
Leaves trailing all thro’ the lodge
Leaves still clinging tall

Year’s first barren tree
Wintry reminiscences
Autumn’s leaf lament

These thinning woods
Decaying vegetation
Lines of sniper sight

Rustling leaf pile
Scampering midst forest ferns
Squirrels tend their stores

Whirling icy winds
As treetops twist & twindle
Last leaves full of fear

A sharp morning frost
Across the sprinkling snowdust
Robin happily hops

Sunset, half-past four
Red, ribb’d sky yon Whittinghame
Papple’s fields aflame

A&A image.jpg


Chocolate calender
Muddy roads & rotting leaves
Drear December’s dawn

All-seeing Horus
Far from Sommer’s hazy gaze
Wan, weak & wind-worn

Glacial sea-frost
Ice scatters oer Pressmennan
Elegant zing-sounds

To the great North Sea
Gallops Whittinghame Water
Icy, insect free

Snowflakes a flurry
Nature’s cotton candy realm
Bumbling tumbledown!

Woods too cold to walk
Ten minutes – bitter retreat
No Antarctic Scott!

The years first flowers
Miniature metropolis
Whimsical snowdrop!

Distant Pentland snows
Cloud cover growing thicker
Wind & wooly hats

Heron flaps wide wings
Whittinghame Water’s lifewell
Swells with melting snow

Skorries Park corner
Crocus circus comes to town
Marquees half-masted!

630 A.M
Dull o’er murky Lammermuir
Deep Homeric Dawn

Daffodils explode
Explosions in slow motion
Move the child-like soul


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